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Wall Presentation of charts and wall hangings

All wall hanging that are meant for the children should be on their level by hanging them low on the on the wall according to the childrens size.

Wall hangings should be neat and presented as if you were hanging pictures in your home

All wall hangings should have a picture because children learn to become familiar with words by using words or symbols

By presenting wall hangings it allows another learning opportunity and provides a print enrichment environment

All posters and wall hangings should be kid friendly by allowing the children to read it by using pictures or photographs

Example/purpose of a list of items that should be present in a preschool classroom

Presentation of wall hangings can be interactive or not. Wall presentations should always look neat. If you choose to make them interactive, you must be sure to secure them tightly to the wall. My opinion is to have replicas in the literacy, math and manipulative area for the children to interact with.

  • Numbers – counting, sequence, word & number recognition
  • Colors – color & word recognition
  • Shapes – shape & word recognition
  • Word Wall – sequence, letter, word , & name recognition
  • Months of the year – sequence, & word recognition
  • Days of the week – sequence, & word recognition
  • Hand washing Chart – proper hand washing, sequence of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on
  • Classroom Rules – following rules, visual reminder
  • Parent Board – information for employees & parents
  • Daily Routine – Information for employees & parents
  • Childrens Photo Daily Routine – understanding time and following a routine
  • Area Signs – area and word recognition
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