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Online Membership price:

Monthly $59.99 + Shipping & Handling Original Price
Yearly $720.00 + Shipping & Handling Original Price

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Monthly $39.99 (Shipping & Handling included)
Yearly $480.00 (Shipping & Handling included)
BONUS $100.00 off yearly for a limited time

Monthly Subscription:

  • Full Access to entire website
  • Nine months of lesson plans – arrives by the 15th of the previous month Assessments (3-5years)
  • Four extra themes with lesson plans

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Yearly subscription includes:

  1. Full Access to entire website
  2. Class Pack Charts - mailed within 21 days of order
    • alphabets
    • numbers
    • colors & shapes
    • months of the year
    • days of the week
    • classroom rules
    • Discounts on all trainings and educational supplies not included in package

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Face to Face
Contact Square One to set up a free consultation.

Individual Projects
Contact Square One to set up a free consultation.

Class Pack Charts: $49.99

Benefit of being a member:

  • To be part of Square One Early Education Consultant and Resource Company it will benefit your program from the front door to the back.
  • To be part of a company that is forever growing in Early Education.
  • To have the opportunity to reach out through the blog section with other programs, and to see their experiences.
  • To receive a bundle of information needed to operate a successful program.
  • Curriculum as a whole - all your program needs.
  • Forms at your fingertips that can be edited to your needs.
  • Yearly members receive a free class pack and other goodies throughout the year.
  • Discounts on trainings (coming August 2017), consultation and materials for sale in the store.
  • All of Your Personal Needs Are At My Fingertips!
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