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Office Supplies


  • It is important to be familiar with all the components involved in running a successful business.
  • All of the components have guidelines that must be in place to be in compliance.
  • Components – state licensing, food program, health department, fire inspection, resource companies, sanitation department, and city hall.

List of supplies needed for an office:

Desk Copy paper Flash drive
Chairs Multi purpose paper Clock
File cabinet Photo paper Pencils
Printer, fax and scanner Ink pens Books
Bookcase Pencils sharpner Stapler
Paper shredder Markers Hole punch
Easel Sharpies
First aid kit Dry erase markers
Medicine box Sharpies
Hole puch Highlighters
Paper cutter Staples
Scissors Glue sticks
Calculator Glue
Label maker Glue gun
Rubberbands Glue gun sticks
Binder clips Manila file folders
Paper clips Color file folders
White out Dividers
Note pads Pocket folders
Post it notes File labels
Scotch tape Binders
Masking tape Ink & toner
Duck tape Business envelopes
Packing tape Envelopes
Flip chart Clasp envelopes
Thumb tacks Planner
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