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Marketing allows a business to generate awareness to a larger volume of prospective clients. It is a form of communicating and delivering information about your company. When deciding on marketing strategies to promote your business, be creative, and state what makes your company different than your competitors. Marketing is a powerful tool to get your business recognized and have a successful outcome.

Monthly in the section What's the News I will provide hands on activities to create a wide variety of ideals to market your business.

Below is a list of suggestions for marketing:

  • Flyers – employment agencies, post offices, dentist offices, pediatricians, hair and nail salons, laundry mats, fitness center, libraries, gas stations, grocery stores, toy stores, children clothing stores, realtors, etc.
  • Magnetic signs- placed on your vehicles
  • Internet – Angie list, Craiglist,,, local newspaper, facebook, twitter, instragram, etc.
  • Website – Construct a website for your business
  • Apartments – a basket with small tokens, flyers, and business card in the office.
  • Schools – pass out flyers at kindergarten round up, open house, events, and enrollment
  • Billboard – located in close proximity
  • Festivals – set up a booth with small tokens attached with a business card
  • Child care referral services
  • Parent and staff – offer incentitives, have parents post a business card in the staff lounge of their employment.
  • Radio – a jingle
  • Sign – post close to the curb to be visible.
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