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Lesson Plans

  • Aids teachers in planning objectives
  • Presents a balance of activities to keep the children engaged
  • Visually ensures activities promote growth of each child
  • Parents resource to what’s happening in the classroom
  • Framework for substitutes

The lesson plan formats all the activities that can be implemented throughout the week. The lesson plan is divided into 6 sections:

  • Circle Time – occurs at the beginning of the day and in a large group setting.
    • Good morning song
    • Discuss daily lessons
    • Introduction of new materials in the classroom
    • Discuss classroom rules
    • Choose classroom helpers
    • Music, songs, and fingerplays
    • Classroom discussion about theme
    • Counting friends, etc.
  • Work Time – children work in the interest areas individually or in small groups
    • Provide materials for the children to make choices
    • Provide an environment and materials that are accessible to the children
    • Provide open ended materials to encourage language development
    • Provide age appropriate materials
    • Have a balance of activities & materials that each child can be successful when working with it
    • Provide materials that encourage problem solving
  • Small Group Time –
    • Focuses on skills and goals for the children to learn
    • Provide a balance of learning activities – literacy, nutritional, art, math, science, etc.
    • Children can be grouped according to development level on some of the activities
  • Outdoor Time – outdoor environment should be a connection to the classroom
    • Provide materials for the children to develop large and small muscles
    • Provide learning experience that encourage exploring of our world
  • Transitions – helps children move from one activity to another
    • Plan activities that are fun and the children learn
    • Activities can be music, chants, marching, etc.
  • Expansion – allows you to expand on the theme and lessons by providing other activities and materials you would like to add to your weekly theme.
  • Theme Related - all materials are designed by myself. One of the following comes with a theme pack.
    • Bingo game, memory match, pattern cards, word cards or flash cards will be provided with each theme
    • Template for activities
    • Instructional Manual
    • List of items need
    • Lesson Plan
    • Theme with letter, number, color, shape, days of week & month
    • Lesson plans define activities to incorporate into interest area for the week. Literacy, art, math, titles of books, transition act, outdoor act, large group, small group, circle time & interest area.

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