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  • Food daily allowance chart should be posted visible to where the food is prepared.
  • Kitchen should be labeled to ensure all materials are put away in the correct place.
  • Menu, certifications, and the allergy list should be posted on a bulletin board in the kitchen.
  • Sanitizing steps should be posted on the wall next to the sink. A copy can be found in the form section.
  • The child and adult care food program (CACFP) attendance checklist and menu production records should be located in a binder.
  • Chemicals and cleaning supplies should be in a locked cabinet and stored separate than food and paper goods.
  • A blank menu can be found in the form section.

List of kitchen supplies

Pots Food cart
Pans Platters
Diff. size bowls Cutting board
Child size plates Paper goods
Child size bowls Ziplocks (lg/sm)
Child size saucers Aluminum foil
Child size cups Wax paper
Child size utensils Saran wrap
Child size pitchers
Serving bowls
Serving utensils
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