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Keeping Children Safe

  • Mopping and Vaccuming isn't allowed while the children are in the classroom
  • No standing water (mop bucket) can be sitting in the hallway, classrooms, etc.
  • Never ever leave the children alone for a second
  • Children should walk behind the teacher and enter a room with the teacher leading
  • Teachers must be present at all times
  • Children should never be in the bulding unsupervised to go to the bathroom, offce, other classrooms or get water. Please ask for assitances
  • children should not be in the building by themselves when their oatent arrive. I the responsibility to come get their child whether on the playgound or in the classroom as well as parents walking children to their classrooms in the morning
  • Teachers should always know their content - how many children are present. WHhen asked how many childrem are present teachers should be able to say the humbe without counting. We have been wrote up by licensing in the past for this.
  • Personal belongings(purses & bags) of staff must be kept up high o the and out of the reach of children
  • No cell phone, cell phones are not tbe seen during the hours of work if you are in a classroom. Licensing has spoke of this before when she entered a classroom and just seen the phone laying out. If you need to use your phone for an acitiy, or take photo's of your students please ask for permission.
  • All plug outlet covers must be coverrred always
  • Fire Drilles and emergency preparedness will be conducted monthly
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