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Interview Process

Interviews allow an employer to gain insight of the individual searching for employment. It is very important to stay on task, keep the interview process professional, and well organized. Just as you are seeking a dedicated employee, the prospective employee is seeking a suitable company that will be beneficial to them as well.

It is valuable when interviewing for an education position to look for an individual that has a passion for the career and not consider it just a job. One reason is that parents notice turn overs in employees and look for consistency, experience and interaction.

By conducting a successful interview you will obtain an advantage to knowing if the individual will be a good fit for your company.

Prior to the interview.

  1. Review the application/resume
  2. Ask prospective employee if it is okay to contact previous employers and references
  3. Contact previous employers - questions to ask (dates of employment, if they qualify for rehire)

Below are the steps necessary to follow to construct a successful interview:

  1. Introduce self and title
  2. Briefly discuss the company
  3. Discuss position, hours, responsibilities ( background check, drug test, CPR, and yearly training hours ), expectations ( ex. ability to be flexible to work with all ages )
  4. Before proceeding – ask the prospective employee if this is something they are interested in
  5. Briefly have individual discuss them self
  6. Resume/application – use as a guide to discuss previous experience
  7. Behavioral questions:
    Describe a situation with an upset parent and the outcome
    Describe a conflict with a co-worker and the outcome
    Describe how you will handle a child having behavior issues
    If the individual states they haven't dealt with any situations above, create some scenarios for them to answer..
  8. Interview questions: (A form of these questions can be found in the form section for you to document the answers.)
    • What are your strengths working with children?
    • What are your weaknesses working with children?
    • Describe your philosophy of teaching.
    • Describe an activity to do with each age group – infants, toddlers, twos, three and schoolers.
    • Describe the areas in a early child care classroom.
    • What are your career goals?
    • Why do you like working with children?
    • Describe a typical day in an early child care classroom.
  9. If you have an interest in the individual give them a tour of the facility.
  10. Explain to the individual that you would like for them to do some observation in the classroom for around 30 minutes to allow them the opportunity to know if the position will work for them.
  11. Follow up by checking that the individuals contact information is current.
  12. Make a copy of drivers license and social security to submit background check.
  13. Inform them you will contact them by phone or email.

paper with motivivationsHiring process

  1. Contact the individual.
  2. Discuss pay.
  3. Schedule an appointment for orientation.
  4. Orientation.

Avoid questions related to age, marital status, race, religion, birth place, country of origin, disability, and criminal history.


Orientation allows you to cover your company policies and what is expected of each employee. Being well, organized for this meeting is crucial in order for them to be productive within their position.

The length of the Orientation will depend on your company policies and all the information that must be shared. It is important to structure your Orientation to the need of the company. The more information, pamphlets, hands-on activities, and team building engaged in, the more professional atmosphere you will gain.

Set Up

  • Agenda
  • Snacks
  • Information packets

    Pre Service training should occur during an orientation and the topic should include:

    • Child Abuse & Neglect
    • Sudden Infant Death(SIDS)
    • Shaken Baby
    • Brain Development
    • CPR/First Aid Resources

Orientation Topics:

  • Overview of the company
  • Employee Hand Book
    • Employee Records
    • Attendance & Tardiness
    • Safety
    • Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking
    • Discrimination
    • Personal Belonings - Out of Reach
    • Payroll
    • Etc.
  • Benefits
    • Holidays
    • Vacation
    • Time off
  • Minimum Standards
    • Supervision
    • Cell Phones
    • Annual Training Hours
    • Confidentiality
    • Ratios
    • Basic Care Requirements
    • Discipline & Guidance
  • Health & Safety
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Disposing Hazardous Materials
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Fire Drill/Severe Weather
    • Playground Safety
    • Hand Washing
    • Diaper Changing
    • Sanitation
    • Releasing of Children
    • Shoes tied/noses Cleaned
    • Toiler Training
    • Transferring Children
    • Medicine
  • Responsibilities
    • Classroom Reminders
    • Lesson Plans
    • Daily Routine
    • Daily Sheets
    • Cleaning Checklist
  • Reports
    • Incident Reports
    • Infant Care Sheets
    • Infant Daily Sheets
    • Today I bit one of my friends
  • Effective Communication
    • Daily Routine
    • Leasson Plans
    • Developmentally appropriate activities
    • Classroom Presentation
    • Conclusion

Allow the employees to ask questions.

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