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Fund raising

Fund raising is beneficial to a business to help obtain money to purchase supplies, buy equipment, fund events, and improvement in the center.

Online is a wide variety of fund raising ideals from selling candles to selling pizza. The ideal is to make a profit, so it is important to research the company that you choose. Some companies offer a 50% or more profit. Fund raising in a child care facility is done by the parents since the children are so small. To get parents motivated offer bonuses for the one who sales the most. For example – a week free of child care for one child.

In house fund raising can be a option as well. Throughout the year within your center you can offer:

  • pickles, popcorn, and juice for sale on Fridays
  • photos at events
  • school t-shirts
  • parents day out
  • school supplies – pencils, erasers, pencil sharpners, etc.
  • raffle tickets - give a prizes you purchase and sale tickets for a dollar

Imagine the profit you can make within a year.

Below I have compiled a list of fund raising web sites you may want to utilize

  1. Yankee Candle – | 800-351-1533
  2. Daycare Fundraising Ideas – | 866-874-8383
  3. Top School Fundraisers – | 866-432-7838
  4. ABC Fundraising – | 888-212-1344
  5. Little Cesears Pizza Kit – | 888-971-0586
  6. Worlds Finest Chocolate – | 888-821-8452
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