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Do’s & Don’ts

Communicating with parents about their child will be a task that will occur daily. It is important to speak to the parents in an appropriate manner.

Below I have compiled a list of do's and don'ts:

Do - Provide a translator if the parent speaks another language
Don't - Use the child as the translator

Do - Use words that everyone understands
Don't - Use words related to education that the parents are unfamiliar with

Do - Say something positive about the child first
Don't - Start a conversation by saying negative remarks about the child

Do - Express concerns by having documentation to back up your concerns
Don't - Speak of a behavior when you don't have concrete documentation

Do - Set up a meeting with the parents to discuss concerns
Don't - Let a behavior get out of control before reaching out to the parents

Do - Speak to the parents in private
Don't - Hold lengthy conversations with the parents in front of others

Do - Come up with goals to help a child excel
Don't - Call parents at work unless it is an emergency

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