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Classroom Reminders

  • Greet each parent and child daily.
  • To have a successful day and for it to run smoothly, the children need to be engaged with a variety of materials and activites.
  • Never make a child share, but encourage then too. We as adult sometimes wants to work on individual projects by ourselves. Maybe the child wants to works alone.
  • Remember that children are miniature people and have feelings too, like adults.
  • Use (5) Classroom Rules throughout the day. 1) Walking Feet, 2) Hands on your own Body, 3) Listening Ears, 4) Follow Directions, 5) Inside Voices.
  • Allow the children to make thier own choices during Work Time.
  • Always ask open ended questions. This is a langauge builder - What, When, How, Where?
  • Talk to the children all day long, this will strengthen their receptive and comprehension skills.
  • Introduce new songs, chants and finger plays daily. Remember by being repetitive helps children grow and learn.
  • Look at age appropriate books.
  • Introduce new words daily.
  • Be sure to check each children has adequate supplies for the next day before parent's departure.
  • Be sure to fill supply list on each children as needed and hand to the parent's.
  • Take your trash out as needed.
  • Review your lesson plans daily for the next day to be sure you have all the materials available in your classroom.
  • Teachers should never leave their classrooms unattended, call for help if needed.
  • Plan and write your lesson plans two weeks in advance and turn into the director.
  • Keep the classrooms separated at all times, unless permission by the director has been approved.
  • Speak to the children the way you want someone to speak to you.
  • Be sure to be on the playground at your scheduled time, unless approved by the director.
  • Always know how many children are in attendance without having to count them when asked.
  • Always provide a balance of activities throughout the day.
  • Always keep your classroom clean, organized and free of clutter.
  • Express to the parents that thier child must remain with them in the building.
  • Teach the children independence, self-help skills, for example; toileting, hand washing, pulling up their own clothes, etc.
  • Nap Time should be should be used to do lesson plans, plan activities, prepare materials, daily reports, cleaning, etc.
  • Every should be get an adequate amount sleep at night, so that you are not tired and sleeping at work.
  • Work Time (Center Time) is a time for learning. Children learn through plat, so this is your opportunity to work with the children to help them reach goals.
  • Take ownership of your classroom - be proud and make it inviting to parents, children and perspective clients.
  • Make sure the children have a sense of belonging, by helping them feel welcome.
  • Remenber if the children are engaged in activities all day, it cuts down on behavior problems.
  • Children have short attention spans and bore easily - keep them engaged.
  • When the children are transitioning from one activity to the next, use music, chants, marching, etc.
  • Teachers need to sit on the child's level, no adult size chairs in the classroom without approval.
  • Make sure all the cubbles are labeled and materials labeled.
  • Make sure all personal belongings are in the child's cubbyy, folder, or hung up. Easy accessible to the parents.


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